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Our target is to provide total customer satisfaction by moving from efficiency to effectiveness. Our team understands and believes in the customer oriented approach where quality is the pivot of all operations. We strictly confirm to the quality standards laid down time to time and correspondingly invest and adapt materially and psychologically to the dynamics of environment to attain high class quality for our patrons.

The new standards of packing are adopted to preserve the potency of the medicines till the last drop or grain. In order to deliver its full value to the patient meeting the deadlines of the delivery date and unsurpassed quality are our major objectives.

Our in-house testing facilities for Quality Control and quality assurance are in line with production. A Multi stage quality check is facilitated by equipping Quality Control department with modern instruments to check in-process parameters as per standard pharmacopoeia specifications.

It is our commitment that extends to all levels of manufacturing from the receipt of raw material and throughout the different stages of manufacture, documenting, implementing and controlling. With checks and counter checks it is our endeavour to provide complete customer satisfaction and to achieve customer delight.

Different Departments

The Quality Control Department has a Separate section for:
  • Instrumentation
  • Physico-Chemical Analysis
  • Microbiological & Pharmacological analysis
  • A separate Instrumentation Room
Sophisticated instruments like:
  • High performance Liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • U.V./ Visible Double Beam spectrophotometer
  • Polarimeter & Refractometer
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