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Liquid Injections
  • The manufacturing department is equipped with manufacturing vessels with a capacity of 3000 ltr output per shift.
  • The Washing Department is equipped with Automatic Linear vial washing Machine, ampoule jet Washing Machine

  • Two Automatic vial Filling Machines.
  • Two Automatic Ampoule Filling Machines.
  • Parenteral Liquid sections is centrally air conditioned With Pre filter, HEPA filter & Air Handling
    Unit to Maintain proper sterile condition  
 • according to World Health Organization-Good Manufacturing Practices standards

  • Two Automatic vial Labeling Machine.
  • Two Automatic Ampoule Labelling Machine
Output is around 200000 units per day
Dry Injections
  • Complete Segregation of -lactam & non -Lactam Areas.
  • Maintenance of Sterile area with HEPA filter along with the Laminar air flow and U.V.Lamps.
  • Equipped with Jet Vial washing Machines, Dry Heat Sterilizer, automatic Vial Filling Machine & Automatic Vial Labelling Machine.
Output is around 120000 vials per day.
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